PC Specs (October 2011)

CPU – Intel i5 750

I was looking out for something that would seem to balance well with my GPUs.  Nothing else really to say.

Cooler – Corsair H50

I wanted water cooling, but I didn’t feel ballsy enough to do a custom loop.

Motherboard – EVGA P55 SLI

It said SLI and my CPU fit in it.

Memory – Corsair XMS3 8GB (4x2GB)

I don’t do anything spectacular on my PC, so 8GB seemed plenty.

SSD – Intel 320 Series 40GB

Contains my Windows 8.1 install and nothing else.

HDD – Western Digital Blue 1TB

Contains everything else.

GPU – PNY GeForce GTS450 SLI

I wanted to have a flashy computer without the money dump.  So having two mid-tier GPUs in SLI seemed compromising.


I just REALLY wanted a flashy computer.

PSU – Antec 1200w

Someone on a forum said I needed a lot of good, clean power, and recommended this.  It’s good, but way overkill for my build.

Mouse – Cyborg R.A.T 3

I thought the mouse looked cool.  Plus I wanted a real gaming mouse.



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